Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is the Deal With Sweden?

I am listening to Witchcraft's "The Alchemist" right now and getting rocked oh so sweetly. I mean even my cat likes it. It's got all the elements that make good metal. It's slightly evil, mostly badass, has guitarmony, a good quiet/loud dynamic and a healthy obsession with Black Sabbath. A Swedish band i got to see that was along the same lines were called Graveyard. They had a little stronger old style R&B groove that made their songs kinda catchy. The singers voice had a Chris Cornell feel that reminded me of when sound garden was oh so teenage awesome. I really hope they come back the US and do a proper tour. Another band from Sweden that i got see was called Disfear. They are much heavier and faster than the previous two bands. It's a style of music known as D-Beat, which i can only assume is swedish for barking and guitaring loudly. What makes this band so good is their half crust half motorhead musical success equation that equals hell yeah every time. (Disfear, you can use that quote in your press kit). Check out the skinny happy swedes bouncing around to this heavy awesome noise and yes the is the singer from At the Gates.

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