Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eagle Twin

I went to see Sunn0))) recently in brooklyn and i have to say i was really impressed by the first band, Eagle Twin. It was a 2 piece, which i am not big on, consisting of baritone guitar and drums. It is the new project by Gentry Densley a name you might recognize from the 90s hardcore band Iceburn. Well i was really suprised. This dude can still rip way hard. The songs were very complex and textured for a 2 piece. I was persuaded to buy the record, Unkindness of Crows, and it is even better that the live performance. The overdubs really make the songs stand out as epic compositions of doom and gloom. What i really like about the record is Densley doesn't just bash you over the head with volume and bassy drones, as a lot of doom acts try to do. He creates very creepy textures within well arranged songs. At points the songs break out into more major sounding progressions and the vocals are down right catchy. The lyrics are very apocolyptic and talk about nature in a very brutal and sparse way. "Carry on king of Carion" Densely sings in a song by the same name, is just one of the many references he makes to rotting flesh and the animals that sustain themselves off of the deaths of other animals. The theme would seem to be "humans don't get so cocky, your just carion to the crows." I would recomend this record very highly if you want a little more out of the stone drone style of music that bands like Sleep/Om, Sunn0)) and Earth have pioneered. Five thumb stars up.

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